SecretHawk ‘paying it forward’, making Hamilton a happier place

Secret Hawk's social media attention continues to grow each day.

An anonymous Instagram and Twitter account named ‘SecretHawk’ has caught the attention of Hamilton students within social media the last few weeks. The account motto being “making Hamilton High School a happier place”.

SecretHawk hands out notes, gifts, puts gifts in lockers, etc. The designed notes include words of encouragement like “anything is positive, stay beautiful” and “smile, it looks good on you”. Many people have been doing kind things and caring for one another since the passing of Mr. Hoppe. However, Secret Hawk has been at it for a few weeks now.

Various students have responded to SecretHawk’s act of kindness through an outpour of Instagram comments:

“I think you’re making people smile everyday…you make people feel loved and that’s really important right now…kudos to you!” freshman Camden Blood said.

“I admire everything you are doing and have done. You have brought lots of joy to Hamilton! Keep doing this, it’s really quite amazing,” sophomore Lauren Fisher said.

“Your page is amazing, it makes me smile constantly, you’re so kind,” freshman Brennin Jones said.

“That’s awesome! Wish I knew who you were!” senior Kinnon Fast said.

SecretHawk takes prides in being anonymous, and says the posts will stop if people leak the name of the user. They value “paying it forward” which basically means that if SecretHawk does something nice for you, the only thing SecretHawk wants in return is for you to do something nice for somebody else. Pay it forward.

Although many students love the idea of SecretHawk and think this person is doing a great thing for the school and community, there have been reservations expressed by students – that maybe the idea of Secret Hawk is a great thing – but there are some flaws.

“I think they are only doing this for friends because the people that are getting SecretHawk stuff are all the same,” senior Chelsi Proos said. “(Also) they are giving a gift to someone who has an iPhone (or apple devices). Why not give it to someone who isn’t as fortunate?” Proos said.

Nobody will know who SecretHawk is, but there are some speculations.

“I think it’s someone in the community who sees an opportunity to brighten someone’s day anonymously and is trying to make the community a better place,” senior Logan Dowler said.

“Personally, I think it is a male teacher who is really pretending to be a sophomore girl,” Mr. Kevin Weed said, jokingly.


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