Senioritis: A curable disease

Senior year is said to be the best year ever. It’s full of excitement from college applications, senior pictures, and bonding with your class for the last time.

When the graduation music goes off and you walk down the aisle to receive your diploma will you have achieved all you wanted to in your high school career? Will you have lived up to your maximum potential in the last four years?

Senior Kathryn Alferink has really stepped up her leadership skills within the last year. Being a class officer and vice president of the Student Leadership Connection she is doing all she can to help out the school.

“I’ve really been trying to get involved and make some changes within my last year,” Alferink said, “I want incoming students to have the best high school experience they can.”

Along with Kathryn, I am extremely involved within the happenings of our school. We are working together toward a better school. In these last few months of high school my goal is to do something that will help students become the best they can be.

Another senior that is actively involved with various organizations is Erica Wilson. She is president of the school group within SLC. Wilson has been working on opening a “Go green” project, along with gaining better attendance at school.

“It’s a really good feeling to know your doing something that will benefit a lot of people,” Wilson said.

Now I ask you this simple question: can you say the same? Are you trying to help others and do something with your life or are you just coasting through high school?

Seniors, underclassmen are looking up to you and knowing that in a few years they will be in your shoes.

Do you really want to be remembered as the class who got senioritis so bad that numerous students didn’t graduate? Or do you want to be remembered as the class that everyone graduated?

I say we stand up and become a class to remember. A class that students will look up to and think, wow, they really helped us and were great role models. We need to stay clear of the stereotypical senior class and be productive.

So seniors do your homework, show up to class on time, and stay productive. Don’t give up in these last few months. Colleges will be watching to see if you catch the invisible, completely preventable disease.

Remember senioritis is 100% curable, don’t fall into the sickness, rise above it.


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