Shakespeare’s tragic love story hits HHS stage

Romeo and Juliet is a tragic tale about two star-crossed lovers who against their parents will, choose to marry. Hamilton High school’s theatre department just finished performing this famous play by William Shakespeare.

Mrs. Jacquie Johr, the new teacher of Debate and English 10, directed the cast during the six weeks it took to prepare the play.

“Mrs. Johr is amazing! Not only is she dedicated and driven, she’s fun, motivating, and so full of life!,” Casey Prins (Juliet) said.

Romeo and Juliet was written in the 1600s, so the language used was a challenge for both the cast and audience.

“Memorizing the lines was hard. Lines for any production take time, but add a couple hundred ‘thee’s,’ ‘thy’s,’ ‘thou’s,’ and ‘where for art’s’- it takes a little longer to get everything right,” Prins said.

The lead characters of Romeo and Juliet (filled by senior Chris Baker and sophomore Casey Prins) both agreed that there was pressure having the lead role.

“It’s such a great, once in a lifetime role, where I have been able to continually test myself and grow. Not only in the play, but as a performer as well,” Prins said.

“Opening night was amazing. We had the biggest crowd ever. The cast got the jitters out and performed very well,” Connor Hagen (Lord Montague) said.

“Opening night went really well, better than anyone expected. Everything ended up coming together that night,” Eric Slenk (Friar Lawrence) said.

Mrs. Johr has scheduled ‘Grease’ as the musical the theatre department will perform this spring.

Casey Drnek contributed to this report.


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