Shoppers rise early to be part of the craze

I had planned on waking up early on November 23rd (a.k.a. Black Friday), but not to the sound of my ring tone (T-Pain’s The Bartender) and not at 4:14 am (an hour behind schedule). This was our first time being a part of the mad Black Friday rush. We were nervous, excited, and anxious to see what the craze was all about.

You always see the fights, door bustings, accidents, and brawls that break out on the news the day after… and we wanted to be a part of that experience. It was exactly an hour later than when I had originally planned on meeting the day and the group was beginning to assemble at my house.

I vaguely remember turning off my alarm clock at 3:14 that morning, and not a thing after that event, that is until I received my very own wake-up call. After that whole incident I proceeded to rush to get ready in 10 minutes and then the group (Ben Meyer, Caitlin Lohr, Jonny Lampen, and I) took off to go to The Rivertown Crossings mall, only about 15-20 minutes behind schedule.

We had even planned on implementing a way to camouflage ourselves that day by using face paint, but that idea fell through. It turned out that it wasn’t necessary.

Contrary to Jonny Lampen’s belief that the reason we didn’t witness any of the above mentioned events was because of my ‘sleeping-in incident’, I truly believe there just wasn’t much to see.

People were generally polite and nobody got hurt looking for a parking spot. It was busy, and the lines were long, but most things were handled nicely.

That’s not to say that it was a boring day though. When enjoying the crude humor of the store Spencers, we met the cashier guy that spoke a completely believable fake English accent and used it because he heard that “girls are apparently are into that kind of thing”. Well, whoever told him that was not lying; he turned out to be really cool and even helped Ben Meyer out a little.

“[He gave me] a sweet military discount on a fedora hat,” Ben said. Those of you that know Ben know that he is not a member of any type of armed forces and probably never will be. Spencers doesn’t have to know that though!

We decided that it was naptime. Instead of testing out the beds at the mattress store in the mall, we found an amazingly comfy couch facing the people walking throughout the mall located in Restoration Hardware. It had puffy pillows all over it and fit the four of us perfectly. It was as if God had put it there in order for us to rest our poor little feet. Not too long after we had sat down did we begin joking about how it would be funny if someone we knew walked by the window that we were looking out of. Low and behold, Mrs. Connie Younker strode past the window, and with a double take, realized exactly who the people staring at her through a sheet of glass were. We continued to wave ridiculously at her as she passed by us. Kind of ironic how things like that happen.

So, overall, the only deals that we took advantage of were the 50% off the ‘festive earrings’ for the guys and Caitlin Lohr only having to pay for half of a movie (but only because Ben Meyer took care of the rest of the bill.) I still consider that a deal for her! But really, what mattered most was the fact that we can now say that we were one of the crazy early shoppers and are left with various other unforgettable memories that happened throughout that extremely long day!


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