Should there be a traffic light at M40 and 136th Ave?

On the morning March 15, 2013, there was another crash at the intersection of 136th Avenue and M-40. This intersection is a busy intersection with no stop light.

Most students who go to Hamilton will eventually have to cross through the hectic morning traffic of M-40, and in some places that can be done with ease.  However,  at 136th and M-40, there is only a caution light and a stop sign.

I have had some close calls myself. This intersection gets very busy, and needs a stop sign to make this a safe intersection for high school students. The sign only needs to be active during the busy hours such as 6-8a.m. and 4-6 p.m. These are the most traveled hours and when the most accidents occur.

Although a light might slow down traffic a little, it can save young teenagers who have their whole life ahead of them.

Nick Schirripa from the Michigan Department of Transportation, explained the reasons that there is no light at the intersection.

“Our investigation revealed many motorists were turning right onto M-40 only to turn around and head the other direction,” Mr. Schirripa said. “This certainly is indicative of behavioral adaptation at that intersection. That behavior was witnessed during the hours when people were arriving at and leaving the school.”

As he explained, many people have found a safer way to get across this intersection, so there is not much of a demand for a light.


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