Sleek Hummer HX zooms into 2008

GM realized that it needed a less expensive, more hip version of its very popular Hummer. This year, the designers more than met this challenge to make the Hummer affordable, fun, and appear to be from another planet.

The Hummer HX is all of this. The designers looked at the demands of the younger buyers and how to make it more affordable to them.

They started with a new frame, and never looked back. The key features that distinguish the Hummer from other SUVs are still present, like the beefy grille, the meaty tires, and the ever-present spare on the back gate.  Most of the features on the latest Hummer release, however, are all new.

The Hummer HX (which may be sold under the name H4), is considerably shorter than the H3. It  measures only 171 inches long. That is shorter than a Ford Fusion by almost 2 feet.
The HX has a direct injected 3.6 liter V-6, which puts out 304 hp at 6300 rpm. It also has more horsepower than its big brother, the H3. The aluminum block runs on E-85 ethanol or regular unleaded gasoline.

Although fuel efficiency is unknown, the H3 gets about 15 city and 19 highway mpg. If these numbers are correct, the new HX should get the same or better, even with a larger engine.

Changes were made not only to its performance, but also to the hood and sheet metal surrounding it.

The HX’s body style mimics the Jeep Wrangler, with a removable top and doors. The 2-door body also sports an off-road feature that many enthusiasts  will appreciate: removable fenders. The designers say that it allows for increased clearance on trails and dunes. The HX is supported by Fox Racing coil-over shocks, with 2 inch shocks and 2.5 inch springs on all four corners. It tramples the terrain riding on 20 inch rims and custom 35 inch Bridgestone Dulers. The 15 inch six-piston Brembo brakes handle the job of stopping with ease.
With the HX and other new cars like the Camaro, GM could reclaim the title of No. 1 automaker in the world, a title that Toyota has stolen.


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