Snow day tomorro…NEVERMIND

During wintertime, a Sunday night ritual for many kids is to watch the snow fall hoping that school will get cancelled on a Monday.  Usually, they wait and wait, but school arrives on Monday morning.

However, on Sunday, Jan. 20, 2013, an automated phone call from school brought joy to many as the voice said  Hamilton would have a snow day on Monday.

“I made plans to hang out with my friends since we didn’t have school anymore,” sophomore Alex Huizenga said.

“I was so happy once I got the call saying that we didn’t have school,” senior Nick Kronemeyer said.

However, many students’ joy turned to frustration and even anger as a second phone call informed Hamilton students that the first call was a technical error and was not suppose to go out.  Students did, in fact, have school the next day.

“I was so (mad) that we didn’t have a snow day, I had to cancel all my plans,” Huizenga said.

“They should have just let us have a snow day,” Kronemeyer said. “It’s not like they were doing anything wrong by giving us the day off.”

Many teachers were confused by the calls.

“I only got the second call saying we had school,” history teacher Brant Haverdink said. “I had my wife check Twitter just to see what all the kids were saying about having school.”

Many students spent time Monday talking about this so called “cancelled snow day” and they didn’t appear to be happy about it.

Many questioned if it really was a technical error or if it was someone’s mistake and they are just blaming it on technology.


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