Snow days: Any more time off could extend school this year

Columnist and sophomore Skyler Smith would rather come to school today and get out earlier for summer.

In the state of Michigan, for public schools, there can only be six cancelled days, and Hamilton has almost used them all up.

After a two-hour delay this morning, Hamilton is almost at the limit of weather-related school cancellations for this school year.  So far, Hamilton students have stayed home five full days, and twice had a two-hour delay.

Sunday, January 20, many Hamilton students were excited after getting a call that said there will be no school Monday, January 21. But soon after, their excitement turned into disappointment, then into frustration when they received a call that the so-called snow day was a mistake, and the students would be attending school on Monday.

Tuesday morning, January 22, the student’s hopes rose as facebook status’s were updated and tweets were tweeted saying that school was cancelled for the day, due to the amount of snow that was received that morning.

Wednesday, students packed their bags for school again, but were surprised when they woke up Thursday morning to another snow day, which meant a 4-day weekend because of no school on Friday due to parent-teacher conferences that week.

Monday, Jan. 28, students were over-joyed when school was again cancelled because of fog and icy roads.

The snow slowly melted away, along with their joy when they attended school for the rest of the week.  Yet they met with another snow day on Friday, February 1, after a huge snow storm drifted across west Michigan.

“It was fun,” said sophomores Aubree DeVisser and Sophia Young. “But we think that some of them were a little excessive.”


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