Spanish Exchange changes students

Spain: a country of lights and foreign language. At least, thats what I thought when I first arrived. My first impression of Spain was that it was hot, beautiful, and clean. But as I looked closer, I realized that it was cold during the nights, a bit scary when its dark, and there is tons of grafiti every wall.

And even though we were finally here, after a 12 hour journey, I still couldn´t believe that we were acutally here. It was amazing. All the different cultures and all the different sights…it was hard to believe that I was no longer a citizen of the country I was in.

It still wasn´t sinking in, even when my parents showed up (they were in Spain for two weeks before me and stayed to meet my host family). It wasn´t until we went to a bullfight that it actually sunk in that I wasn´t anywhere near my home.

So far, this exchange has been the best trip I have ever taken. And I´m sure that if you asked anyone else who is here, they would say the same thing. Spain is amazing. A piece of advice to any underclassmen, if you are in Spanish (or German) go on the exchange trip. It will change your life forever.


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