Staff fills summer with weddings bells, fun

Every year you see new faces around Hamilton High School, this year there are three new teachers.  Hamilton High School Principal Mr. Doug Braschler, hired a few new teachers to replace the ones that retired, Mr. Verschure, Mrs. Colman, and Mr. Stehle.

Mr. Braschler said teachers who are kid- friendly and fit in well with the other staff are people he looks for when hiring. “It is important that they will be able to build solid relationships with the students,” he said.

Among the new teachers is Mrs. Jacquie Johr, who teaches Debate, English 10, and Theatre.  She said that she wanted to be an Archaeologist when she was a child and got interested in teaching by trying out for the theatre department. She enjoyed English and theatre and knew that by being a teacher she could do it all. She taught at Gobles High School for six years before coming to Hamilton. In her free time she enjoys playing with her two young sons, watching One Tree Hill and The Office, and eating at Taco Bell. Mr. Verschure had been the previous Debate teacher, but retired last year after 38 years.

Mr. Keith Sheridan joined the Hamilton High School staff this year as well after being an engineer and a teacher of Industrial Arts. He became interested in Special Education, after being asked to work with a student with cerebral palsy, who he had taught the previous year. Mr. Sheridan enjoys hiking, reading, and eating peanut m&ms. He also recently got married, He replaced Mrs. Colman had previously taught Special Education and retired last year.

Mrs. Abby Ekkens is the new volleyball and assistant softball coach at Hamilton. She teaches Fit and Safe, Perform-ance PE, Adaptive PE, and Health. This job is a good job for her, because she loves sports, her favorite being volleyball and softball. She decided to be a teacher during her second year in college, though when she was little she had wanted to be a police officer. Her favorite T.V. show is Grey’s Anatomy. Mr. Stehle retired last year from teaching PE. He had taught at Hamilton High School for 36 years.

Along with the newly hired teachers, Mrs. Tiffani Eden also began teaching at the High School this year. She has been teaching Art at Blue Star Elementary and Sandyview Elementary. She has always been interested in art and enjoys going to Art galleries.

Mr. Steve Sikma has been teaching gym class at the Hamilton Middle School, but this year he began teaching Fitness PE.  He loves watching kids discover that being fit can increase their self-esteem. In college he said he flunked his first Accounting test and freaked out, so the counseling office helped him discover that he might make a good teacher. He also coaches Varsity Boys Basketball.


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