Stretch Questions: they kill our GPA

Hamilton junior Nick Grifhorst

Stretch Questions.

Those two words send chills down the necks of many Hamilton students.

They are supposed to help us and make us better, or “smarter”, but they also destroy GPA’s and cause parents to go into shock when they see our grades.

If you don’t know what they are, you are lucky; but the best way to describe one is a question that you know nothing about, yet all told they count for 25% of your grade.

“I don’t feel like they are good for us,” junior Ben Davage said when asked about them.

I have heard teachers say that they will help our ACT scores and help us on other standardized tests that help us look good to colleges, but who is the college going to take the kid with the 4.0 GPA, or the one with the 3.89?

It seems like the math department has set us up for failure, with their expectation for us at right around a 75% if you know all the information you should.

Another junior, Nick Carlson, felt very strong about it.

“I don’t like them because math is all about equations and has been since our ‘day 1’.  Now they’re asking us to think and go “deeper”. It makes no sense, and they wonder why we’re struggling.”

Hopefully the math department sees that they are not only causing us to struggle, but also hurting our GPAs and thus our chances at getting into the college of our choice.


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