Students in standardized testing at high school

This is the test that all freshmen and sophomores will be taking

Freshmen and Sophomores will be taking an old version of the ACT Plan test Thursday, October 12.

The Plan Test is a practice for the ACT and gives the students a preview of what the ACT  will be like their junior year.

The test covers the subjects of English, math, reading, and science. It also asks questions about the type of work field the students would like to enter to give them a better idea of what to do after high school. Overall the test will take about 2 hours.

Students who take the test tend to score higher on the ACT than those who do not take the Plan Test. It will also help students know what subjects they need to work on before taking the ACT.

All students were to report directly to their Summit teachers for first period.

While the freshmen and sophomores will be required to take the Plan test, juniors and seniors will participate in activities directed by their Summit teachers.

The testing will be done at approximately 9:50, and the rest of the school day will go according to the two hour delay schedule. Lunch will be based on 3rd hour teacher.

For specific times, students can check their Gmail account.


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