Students support improves student section

The Hamilton student section is decked out in Detroit Lions colors of Honululu Blue and Silver at the Middleville game on Dec. 6.

Last Friday over 100 students loaded on the busses and headed over to Middleville (TK) to support the varsity girls’ basketball team.

Hamilton Superintendent Mr. Tebo offered to provide the buses so the Hamilton students could go cheer on the girls in the aftermath of the loss of teacher Mr. Josh Hoppe.

“The show of support at Middleville was simply AWESOME! “ Athletic director Jerry Haggerty said.

“I was so happy for the girls.” varsity boys coach Mr. Brant Haverdink said. “What they had to do that night was so difficult.  For them to know that they weren’t in this alone was so important.  We need to support one another and walk this journey together.  It was really good to be on the bus and hear the laughing and friendship.

As we all know the last couple weeks have been tough on everyone but through all the pain and frustration we were all in it together. We were able to go out and support each other and the girls during the game.

“We have improved a lot over the past couple weeks and we have been much more involved as a community,” senior Anthony Guillozet said.

It is easy to see the impact Mr. Hoppe has made on Hamilton’s students and community. Looking back to previous games there has never been a student section quite like it has been the last few weeks. Everyone has come together to cheer, encourage and strengthen not only the players, but classmates and friends as well.

“I think that there has been more support and a bigger student section,” junior Seth Parker said. “I think that the circumstances have strengthened the student body.”

While there are always the usual cheers, there have been some new, heartwarming chants that have been added. The most popular one seems to be “Htown Strong”.  It has been used for countless hashtags, social media status updates, and now has become a cheer for the student section. There are others like “HOPpE” which combines Hoppe and hope, which many people know is what he always tried to give students and many others.

“People actually watch the game and cheer,” senior Alex Wilkins said, “and there is more of a feeling of family and togetherness.”

Another example of this came Tuesday night as the girls and boys basketball games were attended by Hamilton students who were involved in cheering both boys and girls on throughout both games. Anyone who makes an appearance at the game can observe the close-knit relationships that have been created over this short period of time.

“I am so proud of our student section,” Coach Haverdink said.  “I feel like our students in general, and especially our student sections have invested themselves into the idea that they are part of something larger than themselves.  It is great to see our students support one another outside of our school day.”

Despite all the discomfort, it is easy to  realize how many people Mr. Hoppe has positively impacted.  He really has made a difference not only to students he taught but all of Hamilton and its community.  As for Hamilton, we will continue to help each other and give as much support as possible.

“I am extremely pleased and proud of our student section so far this year,” Mr. Haggerty said. “Our goal is to have “the best” student section of any school in our league.”

Mr. Haggerty continued to explain that the best student sections means, the “biggest, loudest, most enthusiastic, and positive,” and when Unity and Holland Christian come around he hopes that the student section will be ready to “crank it up” even more, and to continue to be supportive.

“I love it and I encourage others to come join the in the fun,” he added.





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