Summer 2015: Students, teachers plan trip to National Parks

The summer National Parks tour will take students across the American West.

This summer will bring a new destination for Hamilton students looking for globe-trotting adventure.

While studnets have had options such as the Europe trip with Mr. Grabinski, or the exchange trips to Spain and Germany, Mr. Kevin Spotts and his wife Mrs. Sue Spotts will taking a group of students on a trip West of the Mississippi this summer.

This experience will focus on National Parks west of the Mississippi. The trip will involve many different opportunities, including a daily hike in the mountains, whale watching in the Pacific ocean, experiencing both Yellowstone and Grand Tetons national parks, the northwest rain forest and Olympia national parks.

This is a 2 week long trip from June 6-20. Students will be able to get a credit that will go on their transcript by doing work from different subjects including science, language arts, history, P.E., and math. These activities will be incorporated into the experience. Because this trip will not involve a flight, the cost will be significantly less than the other travel opportunities offered.

Driving Plans - Hamilton to PNW


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