Summer pike fishing review

Last summer fishing opportunities were very plentiful in West Michigan. All types of different species were caught by many Hamilton High school students. Pike and bass fishing was very good, as well as river steelhead and walleye fishing. In early summer, bluegill fishing was great and most often limits were possible. Out of all of these species, pike were definitely the most plentiful, as they are quite easy to catch. Plus, they put up a great fight, which makes fishing for them very enjoyable.

Pike are very aggressive fish during the early and later summer months. Although they can be caught all summer long, the best times are when it is overcast, and or when the sun is setting. It is much more difficult to catch pike during the heat of the day.

Many different lures can be used to catch pike. During the summer when the pike are in the warmer shallow water, buzzbaits can be killer. Pike will come completely out of the water to hit these topwater baits. Spinnerbaits, as well as crankbaits can also be used to catch these great fighting fish.

Another plus to pike fishing would be eating your catch. Although ‘y’ bones turn anglers away from keeping and eating pike, they are actually pretty easy to remove. According to Nick Tunison, a Senior at Hamilton his favorite part of pike fishing, is eating them. “I enjoy fishing for them, but eating them is my favorite part.”

Another option for catching pike would be tossing streamers on a fly rod. Sophomore Aaron Boals hooked and landed his first pike on the fly this summer, “There are no words to describe how it feels to feel the tug of a nice pike, and watch your fly-line dart through the water.” However catching pike on the fly is more difficult, it is definitely a better fight and more of a challenge for the angler.

Trophy pike can be taken all summer long, usually on overcast days. This summer I had the privilege of landing many pike over 30’’. My biggest fish included a 35 1/2’’, 37’’ and a very nice 38 1/2’’. These pike can be quite a chore to land in a canoe, especially if you are fishing by yourself. They definitely give you a challenge that is worth it.

-1 38 1/2'' pike


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