Super Bowl XLVI: Brady vs. Manning Part II

Brandon George
ThunderHawk Staff Writer 

Rematch! Everyone remembers the shocking upset of the undefeated Patriots four years ago in Super Bowl XLII. Will the Giants be able to beat the dynasty Patriots one more time in Indianapolis this Sunday?

According to ESPN, including the recent Super Bowl the head to head series between these two teams is 5-4 with the Patriots having the slight edge. The Giants, however, won the most recent game between the two squads. It was a 24-20 win in week nine of the regular season. Giants QB Eli Manning threw a late fourth quarter game-winning touchdown to give the Giants the big win.

According to Fox Sports, Manning has thrown a record 15 fourth quarter touchdowns this year including another eight in the three playoff games he has played. Clutch is a really accurate word to describe Eli.

Patriots QB Tom Brady also had a great game in week nine. He threw for 342 yards and two touchdowns. His team just couldn’t stop the Giants in the end and were handed with the loss.

Now who has the edge on Sunday? Looking at the spread for the game the New England Patriots are considered the favorites by a margin of only three points. During the regular season, Tom Brady and his offense averaged 317.8 passing yards per game, according to CBS Sports. That ranked second among all teams in the NFL this year.

Their defense is a different story. ESPN stated that the Patriots are the very first team in Super Bowl history to go to the Super Bowl with a defense that gave up more than 360 yards a game in the regular season (they gave up 411.1 yards per game). The 4,703 passing yards surrendered by New England was the second worst in NFL history.

Eli Manning and the Giants will look to attack this weak defense with all the weapons they got. Their passing offense also ranks in the top five in the NFL averaging 295.9 yards per game. They also have a big brute in the backfield in Brandon Jacobs who will look to not only run around the Pats defense, but run right through them.

Just like the Patriots, the Giants do have some glaring weak spots on their team and it is the offensive line. In the NFC Championship game against San Francisco Manning was hit 20 times, knocked over 12 times, and sacked six times in his 64 pass attempts, that according to Fox Sports. That offensive line will need to protect Manning a lot better than that if they expect to come away will another ring this weekend.

Both teams are coming in very confident. Giants Safety Antrel Rolle said, “We’re not going to be denied. We’ve come too far and this road has been too tough for us to come up short right now. We will do whatever it takes.”

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick likes where his team is at the moment. “I would say one of the good things about this team is its chemistry,” he said to an ESPN reporter. “They come to work everyday, they are ready to work, and they go to work.”

After all this being said this game looks like it could be a toss out, a knock down drag out fight until the end. The four experts on CBS Sports all picked the Giants to come up victorious. The poll on ESPN SportsNation shows the whole countries take on the game. With 442,857 total votes it is totally split with 50% of the votes on the Giants and 50% on the Patriots.

Here in Hamilton, however, one common theme came up, the Giants. Seniors Daniel George and Chris Scholten along with Junior Nick Kroneymeyer all are siding with the Giants this weekend. So Sunday night at 6:30pm tune in to see a good game, eat some good food, and, as always, watch some funny commercials.


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