Sweet Ds

The entrance to the Sweet Ds cafe.

Sweet Ds used to be called City Brew on the other side of town.

It was coffee based in Montana and that’s why it was once called City Brew.

“We started getting coffee from other places so we changed it to sweet Ds because of the Detroit Tigers and Dave the owner of the Food Center,” Deanna Schrotenboer said.

It has changed from being a walk in coffee place to now a place where kids will come and use their Wi-Fi to finish homework or just get fast Internet. More and more students here at Hamilton are finding out about Sweet Ds, which results in more business.

“I enjoy my free time at Sweet Ds studying or hanging out with friends,” Hamilton senior Ally VanderLaan said. She usually gets the dollar off specials along with her friends, which usually consist of mocha frappes.

Ali Schrotenboer, current worker at the Food Center and senior at Hamilton High spends much of her free time in the café. “Even when I’m not working I’ll still go to Sweet Ds to get coffee along with my friends,” Ali said.

Sweet Ds is thinking of advancing their business and adding a drive thru someday so customers don’t have to come in. They’re also thinking of having one day a week a “show your student ID and get a dollar off any drink.”

They said is most likely will be on Wednesday.


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