Teachers hope new integrated class will pay off for students

This year, Hamilton has made many changes. One of those changes is an additional class. English teacher Mr. Chris Myers and history teacher Mr. Brant Haverdink have joined forces and combined their knowledge to create the World History and Integrated Literature class. This class offers world history and English in one class with two teachers.

“At first I didn’t know how this class was going to work,” junior Leanne VanDenBerg said. “I like how a sum of two classes can come together and share their ideas. This class has really helped me analyze information in a easier way  and more efficiently.”

The main goal is to help students better comprehend the English and history information. The teachers want to teach both subjects in a way that uses both past information and English common core.

The main topic early in the term was the story of the Iliad, by Homer. Reading and writing about this book falls into the English category, and the history and background of the story (Greek mythology, Greeks, Trojan war) falls in with world history.

“I find it really interesting, and I think it’s a good story to tie into history and English,” junior Sophia  Young said.

“It’s a good alternative to the normal English and World History,” junior Meghan Adkins said. “It helps you think more critically.”

Mr. Myers explained that neither he nor Mr. Haverdink has been able to find another class taught like this one.  He said it was therefore harder to create a timeline since they had no one else’s work to build upon.

“Mr. Myers and Mr. Haverdink are fun teachers to have, and they make both English and history fun,” junior Nick Grifhorst said.

This will definitely be a challenging class for both the students and the teachers. It will require a lot of planning and flexibility so that both of the subjects are involved, but Mr. Myers and Mr. Haverdink hope it will be a great benefit to the students in their class.



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