The band marches to a new beat

The Hamilton High School Band is almost ready for Tulip Time. With only a day left before the Wednesday performance, Director Joe Herrick is evening out the spacing lines between people, making sure that the band has the endurance to make it through the Saturday parade, and creating a better balance in the music.

“Certain marching skills need to be cleaned up (before the parades),” mellowphone player Kimberly Dent said.

The band will be playing moves like Jagger, which Drum Major Erica Stroup claims is “catchy and new.”

When it came to the selection of the song Mr. Herrick had this to say:

“Well, I started by picking about a dozen songs that I felt would be appropriate for our group and their abilities. I also had to consider songs that would be popular with the group and popular with a Tulip Time audience.”

Stoup, Dowler, and Dent were pleased with the song choice and it being relatively new, unlike Louie Louie, All Star, and Tiptoe Through the Tulips.

Most everyone has a favorite part of being in the Tulip Time parade.

“It’s kind of fun to show people what we worked on,” Stroup said.

“I love the exciting atmosphere that always goes along with Tulip Time,” Mr. Herrick said. “It is always fun to be around other marching bands. There is a sense of mutual respect and support for one another. The crowds are always so appreciative, too – especially the large groups of senior citizens that sit in the stands near the Civic Center. They always give us a big cheer!”

Hopefully there will be good weather, neither cold nor hot, for the band members as they march their way through the parade route.

“We are not there to compete against one another; we are there to all give our best performance and create a fun atmosphere for the crowds,” said Herrick.


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