The best shoe on the planet: Crocs

Crocs are the shoe of choice for Hamilton senior Mason Horsting.


Crocs are the most versatile shoe on the market. Featuring holes for water walkin’, foot breathin’, and stylin’ aerodynamics. The best part is the lightweight PCCR, a closed-cell material that virtually eliminates odor so you can work all day and still impress the ladies; being confident your feet don’t stink. Crocs are the most all terrain shoe money can buy. With great mud grip tread on the bottom you will never loose grip while you’re shootin’ carp on a soaking wet boat deck, or shootin’ ducks in the marsh. Now you might be concerned about winter time in the marsh, but I’ve got just the answer. Crocs offers a fuzzy insert ensuring toasty hot feet year round.  If you are a night owl, you can buy black crocs to blend right in. If you like to hunt, blend right in with your favorite realtree pattern Crocs. They’ve even got rainbow ones if you’re a colorful being. If you want a little extra bling on your fresh kicks, there are many charms that snap right into the holes in your Crocs.




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