The best Valentine’s Day date – a guy’s view

Josh Rutgers
ThunderHawk Staff Writer





I would say the best date for a guy to take his special woman on should be a night, which she will remember for a long time. The guy should take her anywhere she wants for dinner.

After dinner he should take her for a walk and give her a rose that he had hid somewhere along the path.

Then ask her if she would like to go to get some ice cream. When she gets her ice cream, instead of ice cream in the dish she will find a necklace saying “forever and ever…” and just when she thinks that it is all done, you pull out a poem and read:

“I will always be here my dear
I want to whisper this forever in your ear
Whatever it takes
I will do anything to make
Our love is never ending.”

Guys, that is how you should treat your special one on Valentine’s Day. Don’t just sitting on the couch and doing nothing at separate houses, but go all out. This day is all about her, and make sure she notices. Hope all of you guys have fun with your ladies, but remember, her daddy just might be cleaning the shotgun when you get home.


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