The best Valentine’s Day date – a girl’s view







Samantha Sharar
ThunderHawk Staff writer

Every year thousands of girls receive candy and flowers on Valentines Day. Come on guys it time to move away from the cliché gifts of candy and flowers. It’s time to start adding a personal touch to your gifts. Let your girl know that you pay attention to her! The real question this Valentines Day is what girls really want.
“I would want a guy to plan a day for just the two of us to spend time together doing different things,” Courtney Hendricks said.

Guys, we girls know you like to save money so one of the best ways to go about this romantic holiday is to just spend time together. Maybe take your sweetheart to see a movie or do something together that you both enjoy doing. “I want to not have a basketball game and for my Boyfriend to take me to see The Vow,” said Sophomore Maddie Sharar.

“I want to go snow shoeing in the woods and just spend time together,” said Mrs. Sneller, high school counselor.

If you haven’t been already start listening to your significant other and do some investigating to figure out the perfect gift for your sweetheart this valentines day.



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