Vacation hotspot: ‘The Happiest place on Earth’

A statue of founder Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse sits in front of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Have you ever thought of going on vacation with the entire family to a place where everyone would have fun?

Walt Disney World (“The happiest Place on Earth”) gives you just that, along with taking care of your luggage with Disney’s Magical Express(if you choose too), Fast Passes to skip the long wait time for you favorite rides, and you can choose from multiple Walt Disney World Resorts with buses that will take you to any of the parks and other Disney Resort Hotels.

Disney has attractions to please all ages, so no one will get bored on your vacation. Elementary school kids can meet their favorite Disney characters, tween and teens can check out all the attractions in the parks and experience shopping in downtown Disney, while young adults can go to Downtown Disney and check out the night life.

 These are only a few of the must see attractions…
Magic Kingdom
       Space Mountain
                 Travel at speeds that are out of this world through the darkest places of outer space.
       Splash Mountain
                 Head down the bayou in a carved out log and go down a five story thrill while making a huge splash.
       Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 
                  Climb aboard a runaway gold mine train as it goes through the ghost town of Tumbleweed.
Animal Kingdom
     Expedition Everest-Legend of the Forbidden
                 Travel at high speed through the Himalayan Mountains while avoiding the clutches of the Legendary Abominable Snowman.
     Kilimanjaro Safaris
                Ride through the African Savanna that is home to over 34 different species of exotic animals. To get the best pictures during the safari, sit on one of the ends of your row so you can capture shots of the animals when they are most active. They are usually up and about early in the morning when the park first opens or later in the late afternoon.
                Travel back in time to help save a dinosaur from extinction.
Hollywood Studios
      The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
                Get aboard a haunted elevator as it free falls in an abandoned shaft then unexpectedly changes direction.
      Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster (Aerosmith)
                 Hop into a super stretched limo and go from 0-60mph in seconds as you race to the concert of the year featuring Aerosmith.
       Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream
                 Tour a gallery that takes you through the life of Walt Disney and discover the man behind the mouse. After the tour you are invited to watch a 15 minute film hosted by Julie Andrews, showing movie footage and personal home movies never before made available for a public audience.
        Mission Space
                 Experience NASA style training and launch on this shuttle stimulator where you can choose between two teams. The Orange team, where you get the intense training experience. If yo don’t want that much intensity you can choose the Green team.
       The Seas with Nemo and Friends
                 If you love the movie “Finding Nemo” you should check this out! Board a clam mobile and travel under the sea with Nemo and his friends.
        Later you can literally walk around the world in the World Showcase. Where you can experience food and shopping from around the world.
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