The hectic lockdown drill of 9/19

“I saw (Mr.) Hippey pushing like four kids into the bathroom.”

“Ms. Steiper pulled me into her room.”

“I chilled in the ISS room.”

No matter what the story, everyone had something to remember the morning of┬áthis year’s first lockdown drill.

At the main office, Mrs. Connie Yonker was pulling kids left and right into the office as fast as she could, trying to get everyone inside.

“Morrison pulled me into his room, and I stayed under a desk,” Zach Driesenga said.

“We usually do it during classes,” Mrs. Yonker said. She went on to explain that we can’t just assume an emergency will happen when we want it to. They felt they needed to do it during passing so the kids and teachers would both be prepared.

Kids were everywhere from classrooms to bathrooms, as well as the back rooms of the front office while the frantic Connie kept detouring more kids into the crowded rooms.

After the lock-down kids went to class, laughing was common as friends told each other their stories.

Some kids were walking down the hall, others opening their lockers, even some in bathroom. A student who requested to stay anonymous said he was using the facilities when the lock-down was starting and never heard the announcement.

He walked out of the bathroom and the halls were barren. Confused, he walked back into the bathroom and stayed there for the duration of the lock-down.


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