The man behind the mop-mobile

Going back to the time when Hamilton’s high school and middle school were combined, Chuck Breuker has been keeping things spic and span for students and staff more than 32 years.

His favorite part of the custodial service is the people around him, more specifically, “interacting with the students and faculty.”

He has even appeared in a recent Hawkeye Film Festival fan favorite.

“He was even in my video for scriptwriting,” senior Ashly Gutierrez said, referring to his cameo in ‘Shredders.’”

Chuck does many things for the students of Hamilton, but what can students do for him? Students in second lunch may have noticed some of their peers stacking their chairs after eating. This action was spurred on by a discussion of lunch chairs during Mr. Doug Braschler’s press conference with the journalism class.

“[Each of] you moving one chair will save Chuck moving 300,” he said.

Chuck was very pleased with the chair clean-up. “That was just phenomenal. I can’t talk about it enough,” he said.

Chuck and his wife have three kids. His two daughters, Chrystel and Cindy, graduated from Hamilton High while his son, Curtis, attends Blue Star Elementary.


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