The Paper meets the web

As many of us have come to see, The Paper is on the web, keeping up to date with the modern times.

When asked about the upgrade, adviser of The Paper Mr. Kevin Weed said, “It was just time. Every other paper has a website, so in order to keep up with the times, we needed to [make the change].”

In hopes of making news available to the rest of the community, was created. Cody Eding, a GVSU freshmen, made a large contribution to the making of the website by knowing how to start it up and design it.

“Without Cody, this wouldn’t have been possible, “ Mr. Weed said. The website was started last year, but was still being tested out. Although the site was live, it wasn’t in use.

“This school year started, and I finally said ‘We’re going to really start this thing.’”

Stories published on the web are put up hopefully as soon as they’re done and perfect, but in reality, as soon as Mr. Weed can get them up.

In addition to providing school/community related news to the rest of the community, Mr. Weed believes the website will provide experience to the student staff.  With the world constantly becoming more and more technologically advanced, many careers in the world today are computer or Internet based.

What many students are wondering, though, is why make the paper available online, when we aren’t allowed to used the computers here at school? When we need a permission slip from a teacher, most teachers won’t issue a slip to see, which makes it impossible to view the site at school.

Not any more. Now the six computers facing the circulation desk can be used to look at our website. All you need to do is sign in with a librarian, and find a place at one of the computers, which will soon be labeled.

As our readers have seen, many stories end with ‘View full story at’  However, by the time lunch has passed, the rest of our classes have finished, extra curricular activities have taken place, and we return home, students can tend to forget to visit the site. What many readers are saying is that they want to read the full story the first time, not have to go home and read it later. Our journalists are proposing to students to add to your favorites on your computer to help dissolve this forgetfulness.

Although the popularity of the website has stayed the same, you can expect to see more advertisements for it, including t-shirts and refrigerator magnets. But for now, you will continue seeing the phrase ‘View full story at’ via your school paper, as a way to advertise, and remind you to visit.


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