The proper midnight snack for Santa Claus

On the 24th of December, children grow giddy with excitement. With Christmas the next day, they get to make Santa’s midnight snack. Oh wait! Do children even know what to make?

Could it be celery sticks and apple juice? No. Could it be banana bread and soy milk? Of course not! So what is the proper snack for Santa Claus?

The proper snack is not something to be taking lightly. The proper snack needs to be delightful and delectable. Something that gives children everywhere a sweet tooth with a little bit of calcium.

When Santa magically shows up at your house, he expects one type of snack and one type only. Santa doesn’t want some healthy snack. He needs to keep up his image. The only way he can do that is if he eats…milk and cookies.

The chocolate chip cookies should be browned perfectly with a soft middle section. The milk topped off almost… admirably. Not half full and not half empty. Just right.

Upon seeing this majestic, delectable midnight snack, Santa’s eyes sparkle with more jolly then could ever be imagined. And he thinks to himself, “Now that is the proper snack for Santa Claus.”



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