Theater provides opportunities for actor-singer Zach Tanis

He’s been in a plethora of plays. He’s starred in multiple musicals. He’s an amazing actor. He’s a stunning singer. He is Zach Tanis.

Tanis lost count of the number of plays and musicals he’s been in throughout his career. He’s been in numerous elementary school plays and church Christmas pageants. Not to mention he’s gained a countless collection of 7th and 8th grade MP3 plays and musicals.

The amount of performances he has done in high school alone is outstanding. He was in Cinderella as a townsman, Romeo & Juliet as Tybalt, Grease as Johnny Casino, Fools as Dr. Zubritsky, Les Miserables as Jean Valjean,Our Town as Dr. Gibbs, and more.

“Zach has been a part of every cast I have had here at Hamilton,” Mrs. Johr said, “[He] is excellent at line interpretation. His charisma and humor are always a joy to watch.”

Tanis struggled with Les Miserables, because of the opera style of the show. However, he “loved it because the challenge was fun.”

Every actor/actress has a different way of remembering their lines. Tanis has very common tactics.  “I just use repetition,” Tanis said, “And I think logically about what should come next in the story.”

It’s a very difficult task to get into a character. Tanis goes at it the easy way. “I live my life like I am that character,” He says, “And I just try to put myself in their shoes all the time.”

Tanis will be starring in the upcoming show The Sound of Music as Uncle Max.


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