Tradition prevails in Powderpuff

Few activities get the crowd more active than that Powderpuff game.  This infamous clash of the titans occurs every year to showcase the senior girls flag football playing dominance, and gets everyone in on the good natured fun.  If you missed it this year, you shouldn’t have.

“I’m having a blast,” said junior Jake Swartz.

Some of the things that get the crowd so involved are the questionable calls, the controversy, and the pride on the line; but mostly the questionable calls.  This years scapegoat referees included Mr. Rehkpof, Mr. Behnke, Mr. Grabinski, and Mr. DeGood.

“It’s going alright,” said Mr. Behnke, “the juniors are playing hard, they’re relatively poorly coached, but you know, looking at the guys, it’s no surprise.”

The mudslinging between teams and referees was a central source of the entertainment on the field.

“Rehkopf left his glasses at home today,” said junior Alex Tenckinck.

Claims of pride were bellowed from the most intense fans.

“The Seniors totally owned it,” said fellow senior Griffin Schaftenaar.

Pat Farris and Josh Campbell did the public address announcing.

“What are juniors?” asked Josh.

“Do juniors even exist?” asked Pat.

Mr. Hoppe added, “I think the seniors owe their victory to Troy Sneller’s slow finger on the clock.”

Others, more interested in the actual game, enjoyed themselves.

“I’m just proud to be here,” said Mr. Morrison, tears in his eyes, as you’d imagine.

Congratulations to the seniors on their victory, there’s always next year for the juniors.


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