Tree of Warmth Fundraiser- Off to a good start

This year, spirits are high with the Christmas season.  To kick off the season early, student council is back with The Trees of Warmth fundraiser, a friendly competition between the staff and students.

Student council adviser Susie Alward has been leading this fundraiser for seven years.

In years past, not only were student council members a part of this fundraiser, but also SASA (Students Assisting Students Anonymously).  In the past, the fundraiser was known as the “Mitten Tree”.

“This is a fun and friendly competition between the classes and the staff,” Mrs. Alward stated.

This competition is broken up into five teams: freshmen, sophomores, junior, seniors, and the staff. Students and staff have until December 14 to collect as many scarves, hats, gloves, etc.

“Our goal is to see which class is the most giving,” Alward said. “It will be rewarding just to see which tree is the most decorated!”

All donations will be given to a local charity.

“We are thinking Love, INC (In the Name of Christ),” Alward said. “When we did this in the past, we brought the items there, and they distributed them to a camp, and some families in need.”

This year’s competition is new. In past years, there was only one tree, for students and staff to put their donations. The competition is already getting fierce.

When asked who would win, people had some pretty strong opinions.

“The staff of course,” said Mr. Weed, who teachers English and Writing for Publications teacher, “Because we have the kindest hearts.”

“Freshmen will dominate,” an unknown freshmen said.

“I think that the seniors will probably win,” Emma Styf, freshman student council member. “They have the most on the trees right now.”

“(I think) the freshmen,” junior student council member Kathryn Lugten said. “They are generally more self motivated to take part in fundraisers.”

“I think that the sophomores have a good start,” senior Andrea Haverdink said. “But I bet the staff will get together and pull through in the end.”

As of Friday, Nov. 16, juniors were in 5th place with a total of one donation. Freshmen were in 4th place, barely squeezing by with a total of three donations. Sophomores sat in 3rd place with ten donations. Staff members had a total of 13 donations, and ahead of them in 1st place, with 16 donations, were the seniors.

There is still time to bring your donations to help your grade win.


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