Update to cell phone policy put in place

Hamilton freshman Teagan Staat in publications class. Student cell phones need to be out in the open, but off, this year. (photo illustration by Ashley Wiersma)

A new policy for cellphones in Hamilton High School has been enforced this year.

Upon entering the classroom this year, students have to turn off their cellphones and place them on their desk, so that they are visible to the teacher.

“Last year, teachers were not consistent in cell phone policies in each classroom,” Mr. Mat Rehkopf, Co-Principal of Hamilton High school said. “It wasn’t fair to the students that we were inconsistent on when you could use cell phones. In one classroom, you could use them, in one you couldn’t, in another you could use them after finishing your work, and in others you couldn’t have them in there at all.”

Mr. Rehkopf also mentioned that he believes that the new policy has had great success over last year.

“I haven’t gotten more than two phones this year” from teachers who had to confiscate them under the old policy.

He hopes this success shall continue throughout this year.


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