Varsity boys lose close game to Kelloggsville

Hamilton dropped its game to Kelloggsville 73-69 during their last game of their regular season.

The Hawkeyes were able to get a nine point lead over Kelloggsville in the first quarter. Their momentum slowed a bit when Kelloggsville put up 22 points in the second quarter while Hamilton only got 13. This left the score tied at 39-39 going into halftime.

When the game resumed after the half, Hamilton and Kelloggsville traded leads throughout the second half. The Hawkeyes came out four points behind Kelloggsville at the end of the night.

The varsity boys had a challenge on their hands, as Kelloggsville’s Tony Burnett shot 20 points and Austin Jackson, a 6’5″ sophomore, put up 17 points.

The Hawkeyes tried their best to keep up with Kelloggsville’s high points scorers. Nick Kronemeyer put up 19 points while Grant Wolfram added 17.

“We gave up far too many open shots – and especially post finishes to expect a victory,” Coach Steve Sikma said. “Their quickness broke us down.”

The Hamilton boys will be hosting Holland Christian on Wednesday for the beginning of their district games.


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