Varsity football play-offs: Week one

The team celebrates a touchdown against Forest Hills Northern on Sept. 14.

The Hamilton varsity football team will travel to Edwardsburg High School  for the first round of the Division III state playoffs on Friday night.

Both the Hawkeyes  (5-4, 2-3 in the OK Green)  and the Eddies (6-3,4-1 in the Wolverine Conference – West) are coming off tough losses.

“I think one of the things that is a benefit to us is that we played a extremely difficult schedule,” Coach Chris Meyers said,  “When you look at the number of teams on our schedule that have qualified or were even close to qualifying.”

The Hawkeyes lost 28-27 to Unity Christian last week when they had hoped to get the automatic bid.  Instead, they had to play the waiting game just to get into the play-offs. Hamilton’s 42-38 win two weeks ago over Zeeland West gave Hamilton the boost they needed to get into the play-offs.

The Eddies are coming off a 46-36 loss to Paw Paw last week and 28-8 loss to Dowagiac the week before.

Edwardsburg runs a full house T offense and Hamilton has seen that a lot this season when they played Zeeland West, Hastings, and Unity Christian.

“We beat Zeeland West and they have the best full house-T program in the state, so after seeing that and getting confidence from that,” Cameron Stoel said, “I think we can go into this game looking pretty good.”

The Hawkeyes will travel south to Edwardsburg on Friday night for a 7pm kick-off.


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