Varsity soccer kicks up good season

Districts were the last stop for the Hamilton boys varsity soccer team.  They lost their first district game to South Christian 2-0,  but the team is still proud to have finished knowing that they put together a terrific season.

Their season started off slow, but the team picked up momentum and finished the regular season at 9-7.  Going into the playoffs, the team appeared ready to make a strong showing.

“We’ve hit the freeway”, forward Dan Rufner said, “and we’re not slowing down.”

Earlier this season, Rufner set the Hamilton High School record by scoring 4 goals in a single game.

When asked who the go-to guys during the season were, Alex Sale responded,  “Dan Rufner, Sean Blourne, Cody Becksvoort, and Mike Hoffman.”

“Halfway through the season, Coach Hofland made changes in his coaching strategy that caused [us] to have a turn around season”, Sale said.  The new coaching strategy let the team relax and do more of their own thing. It gave the players more input in how the program was run.

“We work hard in practice, but still have fun.”  Sale said.

Captains Bryce Tenckinck, Nate Stafford, and Cody Becksvoort led the team to a record of 9-8, one of the best seasons in Hamilton soccer history.  They have shown that Hamilton soccer will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Logan White and Buck Hutta contributed to this story.


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