Varsity soccer loses to HC on last second goal

Hamilton senior Niki DeNeef (left) and freshman Melinda Overbeek close in on a player against Holland earlier this season.

The Hamilton girls varsity soccer team lost to Holland Christian, Wednesday, May 8, in possibly the most intense game of the season so far.

The first half was amazing for the Hawkeyes, with a goal from Sarah Baker, leaving the Maroon’s nervous and ready for a fight.

The second half was much more vehement, with a goal from Holland Christian near the beginning of the half.  The Hawkeyes gave it their all, sacrificing their bodies. Alyssa Harbottle, defense, was carried off the field because of an incident involving a twisted ankle. She was taken to the hospital. The only information released so far was a sprained ankle.

With 3.7 seconds left of the second half, Holland Christian got the ball down to the 18 yard-line, scrambling past the defense. A kick from a Holland Christian forward beat Hawkeyes goalie Veronica Overbeek giving Holland Christian the win with 2 seconds left, making the Hawkeyes devastated.

Although injuries occurred and tears were cried, the Hawkeyes put up a fight and are more than ready to play them again.


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