Varsity soccer win over Holland Christian: Mission accomplished

Defeating Holland Christian was a huge accomplishment for the varsity soccer team. Their 4-1 overtime victory was the first time in history they have won against their big rival, H.C.

“Everyone went crazy after the game,” said Julio Hernandez, “There was just so much excitement.”

This win lifted the team’s spirits tremendously, especially after losing a rough game against Rogers last week Wednesday.

A few days before the big game, Coach Ted Malefyt had said the team was “moving on (from the game against Rogers).

“We feel very confident about playing Holland Christian,” he added.

Malefyt’s confidence proved to be accurate when the team won in overtime on Monday. Winning this game helped the players accomplish a huge goal, only leaving newer ones for them to conquer.

Team captain Matt Rouwhorst said that his remaining goals are to win against Zeeland West in their upcoming game, and to go as far as they can after that. Many of his teammates agree that these goals are what they need to work on during the rest of the season.

Being the first to defeat H.C. in soccer gives these boys something to be proud of. And usually, where there is pride, there is victory.

Kaylee Wilson contributed to this report.


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