Webmaster looks back on 5 years of hhspaper.com

The Thunderhawk staff is currently in celebration of the the high school website’s 5th birthday of being on the World Wide Web.

So how did The Thuderhawk get it’s name? A former staff member: Ethan Berens.

He and several of his classmates didn’t like the original name for the paper that was “The Paper”.  So he got most of the staff at that time to agree to change it.

Mr. Kevin Weed, adviser of The ThunderHawk, said “Ethan came up with the name The Thunderhawk which stuck and it’s been four years now.”

The website creator Cody Eding’s first thought of the idea for the website in 2005. He was the Editor in chief for The Thunderhawk in his senior year here at Hamilton High School.

“I wanted something that would allow me to gain the experience while also helping out Mr. Weed,” he said through email.

Eding spent a lot of hours working on the site, claiming that he bit off more then he could chew. To make matters worse for him, he had to deal with slow dial-up modem because he didn’t have access to high-speed Internet at the time.  When Eding switched the site from Joomla to WordPress, the application was much similar to what he and the staff were working on at HHS.

He still updates the website an hour or so each week to make sure that the website looks the way it’s supposed to.

“I’m thankful Mr. Weed supported me as much as he did,” he said. “It helped shape my educational career and ultimately helped me snag a job before I even graduated college.”

The website is a good source for anything going on at the high school including sports, news, and other fun stories to broadcast what’s going on.



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