Weekly summit classes planned to help students

This year, many changes have taken place at Hamilton High School. Not only have teachers been assigned to teach unfamiliar subjects, but now students have a new schedule – Summit class every Friday.

Summit will take place each Friday morning for 20 minutes with a designated teacher that students are assigned to freshmen year. After, students will return to their everyday schedules, with 1st-3rd hour shortened.

A few teachers feel that all hours should be shortened, not just 1st-3rd.

“It’s a bummer that only 1-3 hours are shortened,” Miss Ayres said. “It would be nice to evenly split up time, but no big deal.”

Some activities are planned for teachers to do, but sometimes, teachers can use this time to do things to personally connect with students.

The staff in the office decides what the Summit classes will participate in each time. For example, students voted for Homecoming representatives during their first Summit.

“Some of the (summits) are for (teachers) to be with and get to know our little critters,” Miss Aufderheide stated. 

“I’m really looking forward to the different activities we’ll be doing in Summit,” Mrs. Kapenga said. “I’m glad to really get to know a handful of freshmen and be able to walk with them through four years of high school.”

This time is also used to reach out to students, and get to know them more outside of the academic world. The idea for Summit classes to be every Friday was so that teachers would be closer to their students, and so their students can look up to them as a mentor at school.

“The last thing I said to (the teachers) was ‘They’re yours’!” Mr. Rehkopf said.

“Getting to know our Summit kids even better at the expense of shortened classes is fine with me!” Mr. Robinson said.

“It helps the teachers to meet weekly with those students and really get to know them,” Mrs. Chanski, Mrs. Johr, and Mrs. Lamer said. “It allows the students to have another caring adult.”

Even though it will take some time for the high school staff and students to get used to, Summit is now a priority for every week. It’s a great opportunity for teachers to connect better with students, and it’s also a time for student engagement with teachers.

In the words of Coach VanHekken: “Let’s give it a try!”


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