What does Valentine’s Day mean to you personally?

Valentine’s Day is a day that celebrates love and affection.  Valentines Day isn’t just for those who are going out, a lot of people spend the day with their friends.

Valentines Day dates back to 269 AD to a priest in Rome, Valentine of Rome.   Wikipedia states that the modern day symbols include the heart-shaped outline, doves and the figure of the winged Cupid.

Valentine’s Day is also a day to show your creativity.  Instead of buying valentines, you could create one, which would mean much more  then a store bought valentine that others are likely to have.  Being creative with your valentines doesn’t mean having to make it could also be how your valentine gets it.

Valentines Day is also the one day a year when people could send a valentine to their crush without necessarily having them know who it was from.  Even though many people don’t like valentines being given to them anonymously and then trying to find out who was the person that sent it.  I believe that it sends a kind of mystery to the reciever, when you can do nothing but guess at who it just might be behind it.



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