What to do on a rainy day?

When it's raining outside, play inside!

During the fall it either seems that it’s either raining, just plan cold, or a mixture of both along with the cold winds and the lowering wind chill.

Students and teachers alike get affected by the showers that tend to just pop up frequently and put a damper on every one’s plans.

When talking to seniors Anya DenBleyker and Kellie VanNuil on what they tend to do on rainy days, they both said roughly the same thing: hanging out at home with their family, watching movies, texting friends, and reading. This got me to thinking about what else people in the community even do on rainy days.
So, I did some searching on the Internet and found some potentially fun ideas on innerchildfun.com. I changed the ideas that I found from that site in order to make them more teen oriented. If you want to see the ideas that I based mine off of you can follow the link attached to this story and create your own fun ideas for your family.
Ideas from innerchildfun.com:
Instead of just hanging out with family watching movies, watch home videos. They’re cute funny and it also helps give your family some bonding time since once school started it’s harder to have that time with your family.
Start playing a game that you and your siblings used to play when you were younger. Even one that you guys made up years ago. It can be pretty fun and you might find out just how competitive you guys are.
Invite over some friends and hang out. Watching movies, baking, or creating funny videos with your friends and siblings all help people bond.
Hanging out with your friends are always fun on a normal day, so try to make both of your days just a bit brighter by hanging out together.


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