Will the world end on December 21? (It didn’t…)

With the arrival this week of the end of the Mayan calander, Dec. 21, 2012, some have speculated the world could end.

Flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, global warming, all events that possibly tells us that the world is coming to an end. More importantly, tells us the world may be coming to an end this week, on Dec. 21.

The public had been told many times by many sorces that the Mayan calendar has calculated that on Dec. 21, 2012, the winter solstice,  the world will come to an end. What’s so special about the 21st, why does the world have to end on that day?

The Mayan calendar was 365 days long, just like ours. In addition to the year, the Mayans measured time in longer periods, with a short-count and a long-count calendar, just as we measure time in decades, centuries and millennia.

“The short-count was 52 of our years, and the long-count was 5,125 years long. This long-count calendar is coming to an end on Dec. 21,” Astronomer Don Yeomans, manager of NASA’s Near-Earth Object program, said about the rumors of the 2012 apocalypse from an article on why the world won’t end in the 21st . “Of course, a new calendar would start on Dec. 22.”

With this being said, there are still millions that fear the worst. There are even people getting ready for what may lie ahead.  Some are gathering tons and tons of food, building bunkers underground to live in, and some who are even taking training with knives and guns into consideration. Not only for people who might want to steal their valuable goods, but for zombies that might come forth.

If the world is to come to an end, who is to say that it won’t really end? All that food gathering and doomsday prepping would have been for nothing. All that’s left is to hope for the best in the afterlife.

Some believers in the end of the world think that Earth will collide with planet Nibiru, or Planet X.

There is also a theory that since all the planets will be aligning on the 21st that the Earth with be in an everlasting blackout.

One of the most common theories in the end of the world is that with the 180-rotation of the Earth on its axis that will result in volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and other disasters.

“I don’t know when it [the end of the world] will happen,” math teacher Mr. Travis Pertner said. “The Mayans didn’t predict the end of the world, their calendar just ended. It was everyone else that predicted that it was the end of the world.”

For those who know the Bible, it is said that Jesus, too, talks about the end of the world and the signs of it coming. He says that in the last days, there would be political disturbance, wars and rumors of it, and an increase of natural disasters like famines and tsunamis. He also includes that there will be a collapse in our relationships.

Although there is talk about the end of the world now where in the Bible does it say when it will be? There is no clue that it will be or not be on the 21st.

“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today,” Charles Schulz, American cartoonist, once said, “It is already tomorrow in Australia.”

When you think about it, the day of the 21st is different in every part of the world. When it’s the 20th here in the US, it’s not on the other side of the world. Does that mean that only that part of the world will end? Or will the whole world end whenever the 21st is reached first?

So what about you? What do you believe, do you think the world will end on the 21st or do you think it’s a bunch of nonsense?

See you all later… or maybe not…



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