Will there be a white Christmas?

Whatever happened to a foot of snow at Christmas?
“Today’s weather will consist of freezing temperatures. Hamilton can expect some snow tonight and should bundle up for the coming cold weather. Record temperatures will be set tonight when we are expected to get below zero. Wind speeds are still low but they will get faster as the day moves on.”
Now this doesn’t seem right, does it? This was the report given on December 19, 1963. The record was broken at -4 degrees fahrenheit for setting the lowest temperature in the area.
That’s not nearly the weather we’ve been experiencing the past few days. Besides the one snowfall that didn’t stay on the ground through the day, we have not had the white winter weather that is expected during this time in west Michigan. The only precipitation we are experiencing now is rain. Some people are happy about the warmer temps whereas some are not.
Ali Hukill comments, “I wish I could be snowboarding. I like the weather but it’s time for winter.”
People who are used to the white slopes are disappointed in the weather.
Snowboarders and skiers are forced to keep their equipment in storage for longer than normal because of the temperature in the 50s. Also, people with snowmobiles are continuing to have  to wait.
Hamilton junior Cortni Ritter says her snowmobiles “need at least five inches of snow to use them.”
Others like Caty Martin and Jayme Slagh are looking at the increased safety of not having the white layer on the ground. Caty explains she doesn’t like to drive in it. I think a lot of drivers could agree with that statement, especially first time high school drivers. Several accidents resulted in the first snowfall of this season.
“I don’t mind not having slippery roads,” Jayme Slagh said.
There are both pros and cons to the warmer weather. It’s hard to tell, but in just a few short days, we will find out if we are going to have a white Christmas or a white winter at all.


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