Words of advice for hunters #2: Five cures for boredom

Being bored with nothing to do sitting in your blind or 20 feet up in a tree isn’t really a good way to spend a day hunting. If you are not seeing anything, or are in the lull of the day, follow these tips and you might find time going by a little faster.

Tip # 1: Bring a mobile game. Games on your phone or mobile devise can be a great distracter from boredom. As long as the sound is off and the brightness setting is turned down, they can help keep you engaged and awake. There are some risks that are up to you to avoid while playing your games – including being too distracted from what you are really out there to do. Look up periodically and look around you, keep your ears on guard, and don’t get carried away with the game. As long as you stay focused on the hunt more than you game, you’ll be in good shape.

Tip # 2: Bring a snack. When I bring a snack out into the woods, which is every time, I set a time for me to eat it. This gives me something to look forward to doing, and when it is time it gives me something to do for a little bit. It literally can be the most anticipated thing besides killing a big deer. Keep your snacks out of noisy packaging or wrappers though. Noisy wrappers can spook game in a hurry.

Tip # 3: Read something. Reading a magazine or bringing a book to read is probably my most popular pick. It keeps me awake and I can glance up periodically to look around. Make sure to be careful turning the pages, sometimes they can be loud. Reading something like an issue of Bowhunter Magazine gets me really pumped and gives me action no matter how slow the day has been.

Tip # 4: Shoot small game. As long as you have a small game license and the select small game animals you are try to stick are in season… by all means, go for it! I find myself shooting at squirrels more than anything. I hate those varmints.  This is probably the most fun I have when no big bucks are in front of me. Although this is a fun thing to do and a good challenge, be careful, you never know when there is a deer lurking in the brush near your stand; so when you do start shooting at small game, make sure the coast is clear and don’t get down from your stand to get the arrow or trophy squirrel, stay put. Make sure to bring extra arrows with practice tips on them to keep your hunting arrows and broad heads sharp and ready for the real action.

Tip # 5: Do homework. If you are student, usually homework is a part of your everyday busy schedule. If you are like me and absolutely have to hunt even though you have a little something to do for tomorrow, bring it along and do it in the woods! Teachers and parents are always telling us to use our time wisely, so, we will. Hunting provides excellent time to get some things done, just don’t drop your books when that big buck emerges from the brush.



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