XCountry starts up again

Fall sports have been going strong for almost a month, and cross country is no exception. The Hamilton Cross Country team is one of the most successful teams we have even though they often go through their season unnoticed.

Coach Kevin Spotts has taken on the challenge of coaching this team of dedicated achievers that always find ways to make being on the team fun and exciting. Even though the cross team had to go through some changes at the start of the season, “All is great,” Coach Spotts said.  He has stated that the runners need to improve by having a year-round approach to running and not just during cross or track season.

“As for this year goes, I hope we can help everyone realize their potential,” Coach Travis Pertner said when asked what he wants this season to be like.

“The best thing about being in cross country is the sense of family because the team is really close and there’s a strong sense of family with everyone,” senior Kellie VanNuil said. “Sometimes at practice team members will run back and ‘pick up’ other teammates and encourage them to the finish.”

This year the team’s theme is Fire Hazard. A lot of people may be wondering why the cross team choose that as their theme because it’s sort of random. When I asked members of the team what was behind the them, they said that it was an inside joke from something that happened while they were at cross camp.



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