Yearbook worth the wait

The yearbooks have finally arrived; and while many of us probably don’t even remember what happened last year, the 06-07 Portrait does an excellent job of reminding us.

Like most people, my first time flipping through the yearbook, pictures were my main focus. The candid pictures caught my attention along with the abundance of exciting cutouts. But so did something I didn’t expect as much: the actual stories.

The stories were far above ho-hum and I therefore found myself reading many of them that I would normally just skim. Along side of the main stories, fun facts, quotes, and “secrets” delivered information that kept me reading page after page.

After being just a few sections into the book, it was obvious that the theme was solid throughout it. Every page strongly carried the creative theme along with its own diversity. Add-ons that resembled real magazine articles like “Gossip Columns”, and the “Hamilton High Workout”, added a fun twist that ventures from normal yearbooks.

Even though some pages’ layouts were a bit overwhelming, the overall organization of the book flowed very well and was easy to follow. Features like the color-coded tabs and the index made sections and people very easy to find.

Like most yearbooks, some people were more dominant than others, which is to be expected. However, the staff could have done a much better job by adding some diversity to their photo choices.

Overall, the 06-07 Portrait was well worth the wait.


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