Yearbooks? Already?!?!

This yearbook was done on time. Yahoo!

This year, students were excited to hear the news about the early arrival of yearbooks.  Although the 2013 yearbooks came quickly, 2012 yearbook’s were far slower in arriving…as they were more than six months overdue.

“Basically, the staff wanted to do the best that they could do,” Alyssa Peters, previous yearbook staff member said. “That meant we had to push it back.”

“There were a lot of small things that ended up pushing the book back last year,” Mr. Weed, yearbook advisor stated. “We wanted to make sure that those things didn’t happen this year.”

And they didn’t. With determination to finish 2013’s yearbook quickly, and precisely, the staff spent long days over Christmas Break, and Spring Break, working on layouts.

“We had several key people who really helped lead us this year,” Weed said. “We’re all very happy the book got done on time.”

This year was the 50th graduating class from Hamilton. The staff knew the theme had to be big. With high expectations from fellow classmates, the staff picked a theme that would satisfy current students, and past graduates. Many photos went “back in time” to recap previous years at Hamilton. Almost 500 yearbooks were sold this year… with potential to break the record selling amount of approximately 525 yearbooks.

Many students were satisfied with 2013’s yearbook also.

“It was great,” freshman Kambrea Sale said. “I could tell the staff worked really hard.”

“I liked how it went from old pictures to new pictures,” sophomore Zach Fox said.

“I feel like the yearbook turned out better than I expected it to,” said junior Selena Lundy, who is on the yearbook staff.

“I liked how it was going back in time,” freshman Meri Klenk said.

“I liked seeing Mr. Wood,” Sale said. “He was such a cutie.”

The staff is still working in order to get the spring supplements done before school gets out.  They should be here in time for next fall’s orientation in August.

For those who still want to purchase a yearbook, the staff will be selling them at lunch this week, or in the HS office.  The cost remains $65.


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