Yearbooks for 2010-11 are here … finally!

The 2011 yearbook has a colorful cover with 184 pages in between.

The Portrait (a.k.a. the yearbook) from the previous year arrived this week. The staff began handing them out to the people to people who had already purchased them on Thursday, Sept. 29.

The books went on sale Friday, Sept. 30 for $65 for people who had not ordered last fall.

According to Mr. Kevin Weed, adviser for The Portrait, the class planned to put the book out last May, but ran into some obstacles.

“We fell behind (because we) did news and yearbook in the same class,” Mr. Weed said.

Once it was obvious the book wouldn’t come out until July, Mr. Weed made the decision to put the spring supplement inside the book instead of an add on like is normally done.  The change saved about $1,000 in printing costs, but he added probably cost the staff in lost sales of books.

“We always sell more books when they arrive in May,” Mr. Weed said, “but once it was late, we decided to include the 16 spring pages in the book to offset those lost book sales with cheaper printing costs.”

When Mr. Weed got an email from the sales rep he was glad that it was on its way here. Even with a lot of staff working on the book, it is work to get it out on time and make the entire process go smoothly.

“Glad “it’s) here,” said Jaclyn Schierbeek, a senior who had also worked on the staff last year, “upset that it took so long.”


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