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Half days come back to Hamilton

Hamilton students will see half days twice during the 2012-13 school calendar.

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Focused effort looks to improve learning for struggling students

The title of “focus school” is far more complex than most people would think.

Applebee’s to hold fundraiser for Close-Up program

On Monday, January 27, the Holland Applebee’s will be donating 20% of all sales generated that day to the Hamilton Close-Up Program.

Mike Poll, ’03 grad, remembered after battle with ALS

Mike Poll passed away on October 25 around 1:30 pm, at the young age of 28. He is survived by his wife Kim and his daughter Ruby, as well as many family in Hamilton.

#GoHawks – student section revs up teams

Over the past couple of years, the student section has become one of the most high-energy areas to go.

Reshuffling the deck

Some familiar teaching faces are found in some unfamiliar places this fall at Hamilton High School.

Rumor that seniors will graduate in June next year unfounded

According to Mr. Braschler, the idea next year’s seniors will not graduate until June is just that, a rumor.

Writer chips in her two cents: ‘Don’t ban the bracelets’

I personally see no problem in the bracelets; kids buy them because they have turned into a fashion statement. I don’t think they are buying them to be inappropriate.

Mr. Matt Ray was a competitive swimmer and water polo player in his days at Holland High School.

Staff profile: 1st-year social studies teacher Mr. Matt Ray

First-year teacher Mr. Matt Ray said he wants to be one of the good teachers, and added his other job interest didn’t work out because, “I am too small to be in the NFL.”

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