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Mr. Matt Ray was a competitive swimmer and water polo player in his days at Holland High School.

Staff profile: 1st-year social studies teacher Mr. Matt Ray

First-year teacher Mr. Matt Ray said he wants to be one of the good teachers, and added his other job interest didn’t work out because, “I am too small to be in the NFL.”

ACT results released

Last year’s ACT scores have revealed that girls at Hamilton High School scored higher on average than the boys. The boys’ composite score was 20.6, whereas the girls’ was 22.6. When narrowed down to specific subjects, the girls’ scores are […]

Idea started to pad college application, becomes active club

From 3-4:30pm every Tuesday, young film enthusiasts gather in the library to discuss and create their own original films. Seniors Griffin Schaftenaar and Jonny Lampen are the founders of the Film Club. “It actually started as something to put on […]

Bleacher theft at Rockford High School

On Sept. 4 in Rockford, Mich., thieves found a new target: aluminum high school bleachers.

New registration system a good first step

As anybody aspiring to grace the halls of Hamilton High School next year ought to know, school administrators unveiled a new online registration system in an enthralling live demonstration last Friday.

Dance moves to Saint Patrick’s

This year, instead of the usual Valentine’s Dance, the Student Council will be hosting a St. Patrick’s Dance.

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