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Opinion: Hats should be allowed in hallways

Often students ask why they have to take  their hats off in school.  There seems to be no reason from staff besides “Because I said so”. I just think that we as students should be able to wear hats throughout […]

Weekly summit classes planned to help students

This year, many changes have taken place at Hamilton High School. Not only have teachers been assigned to teach unfamiliar subjects, but now students have a new schedule — Summit class every Friday.

Powerpuff 2012: Seniors win, money raised for Love INC.

Powerpuff volleyball was a success for the third consecutive year.

New homework policy put in place

Having the homework policy holds students accountable for doing homework.

JV boys basketball earns key victory against rival Unity Christian

The JV basketball team is made up of 9 returnees, 3 freshmen and a transfer. This new group started out strong with victories against Allegan and Unity Christian.

Coach Rehkoph, JV athletes bond

For their first two years of high school, many sophomore boys have had Mr. Mat Rehkopf as a coach for football and basketball.

Hamilton Survey: More involved students have higher GPAs

Believe it or not, what Mr. Spotts said at the Homecoming assembly about getting involved had a lot of validity to it.

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